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It is indeed a pleasure and privilege for me to address you these few words during this difficult time of our history with so many countries experiencing their second and even third wave of confinement and lock down due to this notorious Covid19 pandemic.

We have to be optimistic about the future. If God can turn night into day, then He can surely turn our burden into blessing. Positive emotions about the future include faith, trust, confidence, hope and optimism and fortunately all can be built upon. Each of us can have a practical map in our perennial quest for a flourishing life.

Indeed, happiness is one of life’s most treasured goals. It is a profound hope and healing for a generation that is often too busy chasing happiness to truly experiencing it. Happiness have to be learned, cultivated and maintained by taking the longer view. Basically it is just a belief and you can choose it. True happiness is expression of your unconditioned self or your real true like a fragrance to a flower which you cannot see, touch, hear but only feel and experience it.

You can also think about what makes you happy by arranging for more of it to happen like helping a friend, keeping busy on a higher purpose and being or even having and appreciating a hot coffee. However, do remember that happiness is not in things but in you. It is a decision only you can make.
Thus pointing the way to a better and happier life, we should reflect more deeply on what really make life worth living. A life that is rich in activities both pleasurable and meaningful. We should not settle for a life of constant worry.

By the way, all the barriers to happiness are inside us. Many of us ignore our inherent capacity for greatness and allow ourselves to get bogged down in our daily doing and living. There should not be a breeding of negativity as happiness is nowhere yet happiness is now here.

See you soon.

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