Becoming an SME

Dear Valued Customers

On all counts, our team members are now fully motivated to continue with this online business – SimpleStepStore.comThe main thrust behind this drive remains that we are making jobs and not taking jobs.  We are actually sitting down and seriously thinking about what we could actually do for ourselves and for others, bearing in mind, Always Be Serving.  Money will not be always the main driver.  The quality of life we hope to have matters too.  A much larger percentage of people just hope to get on with life, make a living, enjoy and do well.  Are we all so blinkered to thinking that the only way forward is to get a job to earn the money to pay the bills, food on the table, petrol in the car and a roof over our heads?

We are determined to becoming entrepreneurs and not working for someone else.  In fact, we have joined the big family of SMEs – Small and Medium Enterprises which in the majority of countries account for over 90% of businesses.  Our team members are hungry and enthusiastic to pursue our own business and get our ideas and vision into place.

Being an online SME business and moving it to the next stage is a tall order, especially in today’s climate with all the hurdles, hoops you have to jump through.  It entails facing pitfalls and stresses to be able to sustain and be an enduring company.  We are being innovative and trying something new with more independence, freedom, and flexibility.  At the same time, we are experiencing extreme highs, overwhelming excitement and unbelievable opportunities including a real inner morale boosting our pride.  That would never happen if we had been working for someone else.

However, the fear of embarking as an entrepreneur is always at the back of our mind.  Failures remain frequent despite remarkable individual ability.  Surely not all people have an attitude that it’s easier to stay on benefits than to start or try something new.  Yet, we are very pleased to be entrepreneurs as we can be categorized in one of those famous definitions:

Innovation (Schumpeter);

Bearing of Risk (Knight);

Bringing together Factors of Production (Say);

Creation of Organizations (Gartner); or

Pursuit of opportunity without regard to resources currently on trolled (HBS).

See you soon.

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