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Our new normal of living and working with the Covid 19 pandemic for more than a year now, has proved to be tough in an unprecedented ways and is expected to be tougher as we progress with pain but determination too.  We are bound to acquire the right power to see with new eyes, think with new brain and learn with new insights.

Dubbed more revolutionary than internet, the AI technology will surely run the show.  It is changing the rules of businesses.  It can easily enable human capabilities to a higher level through understanding, reasoning, planning, communication and perception in an increasingly effective, efficient and affordable manner.  AI creates new opportunities in all business sectors and consumer applications.   AI-driven processes have numerous use cases today that are enabling corporate revenue growth and cost savings in existing sectors.

Giants companies like Google, Facebook and Alibaba have already embraced AI technologies and we all can fully appreciate the values being created by algorithms powered by appropriate software engineered by talented and highly skilled people while at the same time reducing and eliminating duties being performed by other less skilled workers.  AI-driven firms are quickly overtaking traditional ones and this is where unique data creates its own competitive advantages with better business networks and deployment of sophisticated analytics.

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Thank you for this. Yes, AI will surely be revolutionary and will enable humans to focus on things we can uniquely do best.

4th Industrial Revolution technologies like this one will not be a panacea, but they will drastically change how we live.

Individuals who understand this better will have advantages in the years ahead.

Thanks again!


January 30, 2021 at 3:39 pm

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